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Madeira active on QO-100

AMSAT-OE announces an activity of two Radio Amateurs from Austria

operating on geostationary satellite QO-100 from 6. April till 13. April 2024 from Madeira Island (CT3).

The team consists of:

  • Barbara OE3YCB as CT3/OE3YCB
  • Mike OE3MZC as CT3/OE3MZC

and will operate from Madeira Island in grid locator IM12NP in the Atlantic Ocean.

The dish size will be only 37cm to fit into the flight case.

Please observe downlink QRG 10.489.732 (the OE-activity center) for split operation in SSB.


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  1. Mike

    More than 100 contacts from Europe, Africa, South America and Asia are in the log already.
    73 CT3/oe3mzc/p

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